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  • Zen Dogs Chicago

    Zen Dogs Chicago has created a healthy, natural retreat for you and your dog to enjoy in the middle of the city. This includes 6,000 sq. ft. beautifully landscaped, tree filled outdoor play yard with plenty of running room. Our loft style facility provides two floors of indoor space complete with rubber flooring, exposed brick, natural wood beams, and plenty of natural light. Allowing your pet to relax in an intimate and comfortable environment.

  • Hollistic Approach

    We embrace a holistic approach in caring for our canine guests: Learn strong social skills through the Zen Dogs Pack. Balanced exercise programs emphasizing fun and safety. Toys and games to promote learning. Comfortable sleeping quarters with 24 hour care. Nutritional counseling for health and vitality. Teach natural training technique.


Is there someone here at night for boarding?

Yes. Absolutely. Cynthia lives on the top floor, so your dog will always be cared for and never is left alone.

What do the dogs do in bad weather?

We always use good common sense and adjust our outdoor play groups accordingly. We still go out to play on cold or hot days, but for shorter periods of time and more often throughout the day. Most dogs love the snow in the winter and the pool in the summer. We carefully monitor all of the dogs to ensure no one feels uncomfortable and if they need a break we let them inside.

How many staff monitor play groups?

2-3 Trainers per play group keeping everyone safe and having fun.

How much playtime do the dogs have?

About 7-8 hours of play per day. For puppies and seniors, we add in some extra naps to make sure they do not become over tired.

Do we offer any special deals or rates?

We have a Refer a Friend Program. We love when you tell your friends how much your dog loves coming to Zen Dogs Chicago. For each person you refer to any of our services, we give you $50 off your monthly invoice.